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Give your guests what they're looking for - a really good night's sleep!

As a successful Hotelier, you are aware of the need to be one step ahead in your field in offering your guests the total hospitality experience - welcome, comfort, food, environment and value.
But research shows that one thing most people using Hotels are hoping for, above all else, is a really good night's sleep.

Pleasing every single guest is a challenge!

Everyone staying at your Hotel is different, and no matter how hard you try with various types of bedding and heating systems, you'll always find some guests who are too hot, and then too cold, and then too hot, no matter what you do to the heating or ventilation in your rooms.
And usually they just shrug off the experience and vow not to return. Not good for PR!
But what if you could offer your guests possibly the best night's sleep they'll ever have, with totally natural control of their body temperature in hypo-allergenic, lightweight, natural woollen fibres?

The science!

The Sleeping Comfort Study has been conducted by The Woolmark Company and the University of Sydney, which proves that wool is the natural choice for bedding products.
Combining trials both with people and in the lab, this study examined more than 30 wool and non-wool bedding products. It tested these in a range of temperature and humidity environments, to establish a Thermal Comfort Rating System.
And wool was the undoubted winner across all tests, with a clear demonstration that wool bedding products:

  • Regulate body temperature by ensuring the body gets to a comfortable sleeping temperature (18-20 C) more quickly - and stays there for longer;
  • Breathe more naturally than any other products;
  • Increase the length of the most beneficial phase of sleep known as REM, or Rapid Eye Movement
The Sleep Study report is available now - or download the pdf for more details.

Our involvement with New Zealand wool bedding

We have been working with New Zealand wool products for many years, ever since we lived there as a family and discovered the amazing restful, comfortable sleep that a wool duvet offers. Our eldest son changed from a sleepless, fretful child into one who slept through the night - and since our first duvet all those years ago, we've never looked back.
We have been importing New Zealand wool duvets, pillows and under-blankets for the past three years and have numerous testimonials from customers vowing that they'd never go back to feather or micro-fibre; how they tentatively sampled the range with just one single duvet but the sleep was so good they've now got our duvets, pillows and underblankets for every bed in the house.

Now we all gain!

It occurred to us that it would be mutually beneficial if we were able to advertise to our potential customers who aren't quite ready to order products, but who are interested to try them first, that if certain Hotels carried a range of our bedding, they could try before they buy!
If your Hotel featured our bedding, you would benefit both from the new business from our customers, and from the additional advertising to our target markets as we raise the profile of the products and name your Hotel in that publicity.
We have had a good deal of recent exposure in the press and media, and our publicity campaign continues to bring the benefits of wool bedding to everyone.

Advantages to you as a Hotelier:

  • Wool doesn't require frequent cleaning, it doesn't attract dust mites and so a regular airing will maintain great condition
  • Wool duvets and pillows don't require plumping up to maintain shape so less time is spent preparing the rooms
  • Duvets are available which cater for all seasons and requirements - a thick and thin that can be clipped together - you can even give your guests a duvet menu!
  • Wool underlays transform an ordinary mattress into a luxurious one
  • Wool is hypoallergenic so you will cater for everyone
  • Wool is long lasting and maintains quality and so is an excellent investment
  • Wool is natural and eco friendly and will help differentiate your hotel
Advantages for your guests:
  • A great night's sleep - wool is proven to provide a better nights sleep
  • Wool provides much better control of temperature so everyone feels comfortable in bed - maintains the optimum temperature for sleeping
  • Wool is hypoallergenic - suitable for everyone
  • Wool is light but doesn't 'move' around the bed which provides more restful sleep
  • WCT wool products are soft, light and warm, no sharp bits from feather pillows or too 'springy' synthetic pillows
Fresh bedding - it's that time of year again

Possibly you are looking to renew your bedding at this time of year - there's nothing nicer than fresh bedding as the seasons change. Our quilts, pillows and under-blankets help maintain the body's natural temperature and night-time comfort, and being natural fibres, airing them between uses could hardly be easier.
Try them now. We'll tell everyone we are marketing to, that they can sample the bedding - and enjoy their best ever night's sleep - at your Hotel! It's a win-win situation.